Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Summer Sunday Sundae Storytime has begun!

I've placed a pink plastic tote on my porch, and filled it (and refilled it) with reading books of various grade levels and interests, as well as coloring books and crayons that the children are welcome to use at any time. (However, I'm discovering that crayons will melt easily in the sun when placed in this tote, so I have been giving the kids bags of crayons for them to keep indoors, to use on the coloring books at their leisure.)

Our storytimes are not relegated to only happen on Sundays. We've been known to get together for a quick bedtime story on more than one occasion, but I let the children know that we must get inside when the street lights come on... or when the mosquitoes are finding us too tasty! Ouch!

I encourage the children to share the books with each other, or to add them to their own bedroom book collections at home.
They do not have to return the books.
It is important that they learn to appreciate the incredible and wonderful value of books, and of learning, early on.
The amazing skill of reading, which needs to be practiced daily, is their passport to a successful future!
These two photos are a very, very, very small representation
of the books that we are reading this summer.
I've also given the children a fun coloring placemat that has games and puzzles that they can fill-in with crayons, and then wipe the mat clean with a paper napkin, so they can play again and again!
I'll be happy to post some of the beautiful photos of the children reading, but only after getting their parents' permission!
This photo shows how great these children are, and how they work well together!

This Storytime Porch is zoned for
Peace, Respect, and Kindness!

I am also encouraging the children to get plenty of exercise!
I've supplied jump ropes, hula hoops, and sidewalk chalk to create hopscotch boards. The kids really know how to have fun in the sun!

Children can earn a FREE BOOK from Barnes & Noble simply by reading 8 books over this summer! I'm so glad the bookstore is at The Mall at Greece Ridge, right on the bus line! I hope every single child gets a ride there to collect their book by September 4th, 2012 (the last day to bring the completed reading journal into the store)!

It's easy to participate in the
RCSD's Summer RocRead Program!
Your child will earn a free book,
as well as other nice prizes! 
 The books you read for the "Earn a FREE BOOK" Barnes & Noble program also count towards the Rochester Public Library's Summer Reading and the Summer RocRead programs as well!!!
Plus, the BEST REWARD will be your child's improved reading skills,
as that will make it easier to learn in school... which will brighten your child's future!

Print out and turn in this form at the Red Wings game on August 16th. If you turn it in at the game, you will get two (2) free tickets to the game and a book! (That is so cool!)

This brochure has some good info, and I wanted to share it!

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