Thursday, July 20, 2006

a note from Pam :)

Hi! This is Pam, the organizer of the Cameron Street Block Club! I have been a resident of Cameron Street for 18 years.

I look forward to helping make Cameron Street the "Harvard Street" of Rochester's westside! What I mean by this is that, like Harvard St, we are located off of a very busy avenue (Lyell Avenue), yet we too can have the quiet beauty like the residents on Harvard Street enjoy!

Each time I attend events or enjoy the nightlife on Park Avenue, I am so surprised how quite and serene the side streets are! We can have that too! Those side streets are home to many local college students and other renters, so I know that home ownership is not the only variable to living in a nice area! We can have the same high quality of life, and we should expect the same as well!

Be a part of the solution! Let's all band together and force the "bad seeds" off of our street and out of our neighborhood!

The blight must go! The good people of Cameron Street are here to stay! Let's raise our expectations and our quality of life, as well as our property values!

If you have any comments, or suggestions, please feel free to drop me a line!!

I look forward to receiving your imput and help! I can't do it alone, and many hands make light work!

Peace be with you! ~ Pam

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